DIX HILLS - A Peace Corps volunteer from Dix Hills is back home on Long Island due to the Ebola outbreak.

Jensen Daniel was in Guinea, only eight months into his Peace Corps commitment, when he got a text saying the organization was sending all volunteers home as a precaution.

He says it was difficult telling the people in his village why he had to leave and they had to stay behind.

"It was really difficult to tell my friends and my host family that the Peace Corps was removing the volunteers that had only been there for a couple months because their country wasn't safe enough for us, but they have to stay there," he says.

Daniel says he never felt threatened by Ebola while in Guinea, because the closest case was 45 miles away.

He says one of the most surprising things he learned is that some of the villagers don't believe Ebola is real. They think it's just political propaganda.

Daniel says he hopes to be able to go back to Guinea in a month or two.

He says if people want to help, they can support Doctors Without Borders, an organization continuing to help and isolate patients in West Africa.