HEMPSTEAD - A Hempstead man is facing murder charges after more than five months on the run.

James Marckesano, 24, allegedly gunned down Victor Benitez in front of a deli on Clinton Street in Hempstead. He was arrested two weeks ago in Texas and extradited Tuesday to Nassau County.

Benitez's family says he was working two jobs to support his children. During the day, he was a security guard at a hospital. By night, he was a bouncer at a Hempstead bar and restaurant.

His sister Jennifer says he had just got off his shift on the Fourth of July when he went to the deli to get something to eat.

Surveillance video from the Clinton Deli shows Benitez outside talking to another man just before police say he was shot in the torso.

His sister says Marckesano and Benitez were friends who grew up together.

Marckesano pleaded not guilty to a second-degree murder charge. He's being held without bail.

News 12's calls to Marckesano's attorney were not returned.