WOODBURY - Italian cruise line Costa is blaming the captain of the ship for Friday's deadly disaster off the Tuscany coast.At least six people are confirmed dead and 29 are still missing after the luxury ship Costa Concordia hit an unmarked reef and capsized. Officials say a Minnesota couple is among those missing. The cruise company says the captain, Francesco Shettino, made an unauthorized deviation from the ship's planned course. Shettino is under investigation for manslaughter and for allegations he abandoned the ship before passengers were safe, Italian officials say.Some survivors among the 4,200 people on board are describing the moments following the breach as complete chaos. They say crew members screamed, "Abandon ship!" while passengers tried to load up lifeboats by themselves. Some people were left clinging to rope ladders for hours before being rescued.Dive teams and rescue crews are still scouring the water for the missing passengers. Costa officials had said 16 people were missing over the weekend, but now say 29 are unaccounted for. They did not provide an explanation for the rise.Divers in Italy ship wreck find 2 more bodiesCaptain being investigated after cruise ship runs aground in Italy