ISLIP TERRACE - Saturday's rainy weather coupled with the melting snow led to flooding on some roadways in Islip, but residents along one street say it's a common occurrence.

Residents on South Spur Drive in Islip Terrace say they're used to dealing with flooding along their road. The Menger family says the town of Islip removed a drain that used to sit near their driveway more than two years ago, after it was damaged by another neighbor.

The Mengers say the town did install two new drains in the area to replace the damaged one, but they say the replacement drains aren't working.

South Spur Drive has one lane of traffic in each direction. News 12 cameras watched Saturday as many cars left their lane of travel and crossed into the oncoming lane to avoid the accumulating water.

The Mengers say the water has damaged their driveway, and even flooded their basement. They say the town has told them that it wants to install a new pipe that would drain out across the street and onto state property, but more than two years later, they say nothing has been done.

Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter says the town can't move forward until it receives approval from the Department of Conservation. A statement reads, "The town Department of Public Works continues to aggressively pursue the necessary permits from the New York State DEC to move forward with the drainage project... Once permits are approved and the weather allows, work will begin."

The DEC was unable to comment.