ISLIP - An Islip Terrace man says he got into an argument with a town code enforcement officer over property violations and claims the officer pulled a baton on him.

Salvatore Gullota captured the altercation on audio tape, in which he says an Islip code enforcement officer can be heard extending a baton.

"He went and swung at my legs to try to intimidate me, and that's when I called the police," Gullota says.

Police arrested 53-year-old Stephen Badala Sr. Tuesday afternoon and charged him with fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon - a misdemeanor.

Badala was freed on bail and back home Tuesday night, although he told News 12 he had no comment on the incident.

Gullota says Badala showed up to serve multiple tickets for his shed, deck and built-in garage. It happened after an argument with another officer the day before over Gullota's commercial van parked in the driveway.

The Town of Islip says Badala was immediately suspended. It also says it is cooperating with police and conducting its own investigation.

Town investigators are not authorized to carry weapons.