WOODBURY - A Hofstra University/News 12 poll revealed that most voters don't think political candidates have the people in mind when they decide to run for office.

According to the poll, more than 37 percent of respondents said the candidates are in it mostly for themselves. Only 12.5 percent said the candidates are motivated by a desire to help the community rather than by personal gain. A total of 47 percent polled said that both motivations are in play.

Some political analysts find the results of the question particularly disturbing. They say it shows the high level of cynicism when it comes to the electoral process.

"There are a few bad apples who get a lot of attention and spoil it for the rest and drive the numbers to the point where people don't trust anybody," says political analyst Larry Levy, of Hofstra University.

Long Island residents also weighed in on how they think candidates behave after they get into office. Nearly 17 percent said they follow through on most of their promises. More than 58 percent said they don't follow through most of the time. Nearly 19 percent told News 12 that they never follow through.