WOODBURY - While some Long Island residents welcomed the health care overhaul championed by President Obama, some say parts of the bill don't sit well with them.

One of the biggest issues residents take with the overhaul is the mandate requiring everyone to carry health care coverage. Despite that the law offers subsidies to low-income people and sets up a state-run insurance cooperative to promote cheaper rates, many say they're still concerned their bills will still go up.

For some Long Island business owners, the health care overhaul also means an extra burden on their business. One business owner said the cost of covering his employees was putting him out of business and that he was forced to drop their coverage. Instead, he said he'll pay the penalty that comes along with the mandate.

Since statistics show than most Long Island residents already have health insurance, the health care overhaul doesn't really lend anymore political points to the president. However, advocates say even those who are already covered still benefit since taxes and premiums will no longer subsidize the uninsured.

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