MINEOLA - Political analysts believe Republicans will continue to control the Nassau Legislature after this election cycle.

The GOP currently controls the Legislature with a 12-7 majority.

Despite all but one lawmaker being up for re-election, analyst Lawrence Levy says there is "virtually no chance" for Nassau Democrats to retake control.

"It's just too steep a hill to climb," Levy tells News 12.

The county's Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs says he believes change is needed.

"We're fighting. We're going to do our best and I'm looking forward to seeing if the public feels that this corruption issue, that's been all over the news, makes a difference," says Jacobs.

If Republicans were to pick up another seat, they would have a super majority and much more power over money matters. The county's GOP chairman says that's not his goal.

"A super majority means that the other side doesn't really count at all. And as far as I'm concerned - I don't think that that's something that's good for the people of the county," says Nassau Republican Chairman Joe Mondello.

Without a national or state race this November, both parties agree that turnout is not likely to be great on Election Day.