ROCKVILLE CENTRE - Experts predict that turnout for Tuesday's primary election in New York will be much heavier than usual due to the high-profile candidates running. It's important to know before you vote, so here's a quick primary primer.

Only registered members of the Democratic and Republican parties will be able to vote in their respective primaries. 

Besides choosing Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, Democrats will also vote for the delegates who will attend the party's national convention this July in Philadelphia. The delegates who have pledged to support Sanders will appear next to his name on the ballot, and the delegates who have pledged to support Clinton will appear next to her name.

Delegates to the GOP convention are chosen by party leaders, and those delegates could play a crucial role. If no candidate wins enough delegates to clinch the nomination outright, then it becomes a "brokered convention," and supporters will be putting their faith in the delegates to come up with the strongest standard bearer for the party.

In a quirk, Ben Carson's name will appear on Republican ballots despite the fact that he has dropped out of the race. He did not meet the deadline to have his name withdrawn from the ballot.

Voters in Nassau's 9th District will also be selecting their choice to fill the state Senate seat left vacant by Dean Skelos.