NORTH HEMPSTEAD - Two candidates are vying for the open seat of North Hempstead town supervisor.

Democrat Judi Bosworth, a Nassau legislator from Great Neck, is running against Republican Dina DeGiorgio, a town councilwoman from Port Washington. The two hope to take over a seat left empty by John Kaiman, who has been charged with leading NIFA.

DeGiorgio says Democrats have controlled town government for too long. Bosworth says the town is run well, and she wants to keep it going.

One issue both candidates agree on is that more needs to be done to improve the town's Building Department, which was plagued with a corruption scandal a few years back. DeGiorgio says she'd take staff from other departments and move them to the Building Department to expedite permits, while Bosworth wants to create an applicant advocate post to help residents navigate the system.