ISLAND PARK - Residents in Island Park are demanding a sea wall be fixed to prevent future flooding.

Pershing Place residents say flooding on their roads is a common problem, and they blame it on the damaged sea wall.

They say the sea wall was damaged during Superstorm Sandy. They have complained to the village numerous times.

Chris Noftell says the village went above and beyond when it came to helping residents rebuild and raise their homes. However, he says the replacement of this wall is something that should have been done a long time ago.

"Where are we at now?" he asks. "It's three years later. We are not asking for the streets to be paved in cobblestones and gold-plated benches. We just want to walk out of our house and not step in 3 feet of salt water. "

Village officials say they applied for state and federal funding right after Superstorm Sandy to try and fix the problem. After numerous delays, they have decided to use funds from a sale of a property on the road to fix the sea wall.