WOODBURY - Many Long Islanders with ties to Iraq say they are grateful that the U.S. military is carrying out strikes on Islamic State extremists there.

Father Gabriel Adde, a pastor at Saint Peter's Iraqi Christian Church in Hicksville, says he and his family have been following the crisis in Iraq for many months. He says the Christians that are being persecuted in his native country have not done anything wrong except "preach the word of love, peace and harmony."

Adde's daughter, Helma, says they have heard horrific stories about how people are allegedly throwing their children off mountains so they don't get killed by ISIS or die of starvation.

The family is headed into Times Square tonight to take part in another rally and prayer vigil for Christians in Iraq. Although they are thankful the United States has taken action against Islamic militants, they say more needs to be done.

Other Christians from the region as well as people of different ethnic backgrounds that spoke with News 12 feel the same way.

Saint Peter's Church has also launched a letter-writing campaign to local politicians hoping to bring awareness to the violence in Iraq.