GARDEN CITY - A 4-year-old Iraqi boy was wounded by a car bomb which destroyed his face, but now he has a chance to put the tragedy behind him with the help of Long Island plastic surgeons. At the age of 1, Abdeen Hadi was struck in the face by an electrical wire following an explosion in his home country. Three years later, the toddler arrived in Garden City with his family to undergo massive reconstructive surgery. Over the next six months, Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh and his team at the Long Island Plastic Surgery Group will perform painstaking surgeries estimated to cost nearly $250,000. The bill for the operations will be footed by various organizations, including the Global Medical Relief Fund, which helped Abdeen and his family come to Long Island. The surgeons hope that with time, the 4-year-old will transition back into society. Meanwhile, Abdeen?s relatives will stay on Long Island as guests of the Ronald McDonald House in New Hyde Park.