HUNTINGTON - With the drastic stock declines of the past two weeks, some local investors believe now is the ideal time to snap up shares at bargain prices. Lee Arner, of Huntington, says he spent $15,000 on a variety of stocks today."Stocks have come way down, some companies are a little more beat up than others," he says. "It's a good time to buy." U.S. stocks have fallen about 15 percent since late July. The market rallied before the closing bell today, closing above 11,000, after yesterday's disastrous slide. While some are taking risks with the stock market, others are playing it safe. "I'm going to take it out and settle down for a bit, and put it in something very safe," says Steven Propper, of Islip Terrace, who is only four years away from retirement.J.J. Burns, a certified financial planner from Melville, agrees with that strategy, saying that people nearing retirement should be more cautious than those who can afford to be more aggressive.