VALLEY STREAM - Thousands of Long Island homeowners who live in areas prone to flooding are bracing for a huge financial burden.

Carol Crupi, of Valley Stream, says her house was not designated a high-risk flood zone, though she lives just a few blocks from one. She has the option of renewing her flood insurance, but says she won't because of a sharp new increase. Crupi says it would cost her about $2,000, even though she just renewed her policy in June and paid $427.

Rates may change for homeowners based on the elevation of their houses. Homeowners may be required to get a new survey, which would cost between $500 and $800.

Long Beach insurance broker Garrett Guttenberg says the changes could mean an increase of several thousand dollars per year for certain flood insurance.

Congress approved the increases last year as a way to help fund FEMA, which has spent billions in disaster aid.