BROOKHAVEN - Indictments were unsealed today against six suspects in an alleged Long Island drug ring.

Suffolk District Attorney Tom Spota says Brookhaven Town highway worker Thomas Forkin is the ring leader of the North Brookhaven drug trade. Prosecutors say he and his crew were selling cocaine and oxycodone in bars, clubs and parking lots for years before their arrests.

Forkin's stash was allegedly stored at a concrete business in East Setauket that's owned by former NYPD officer Thomas Gironda, 44, who was also arrested.

Cops raided Forkin's Miller Place home and his parents' home in Port Jefferson Station, where they say they discovered a safe full of cash and drugs.

Spota says investigators had been watching Forkin's crew sell drugs in the northern part of Brookhaven for almost a year, using wire taps and undercover buys. Spota even believes Forkin may have been tipped off to workplace drug tests. The town says it's planning to investigate.

The six men will be indicted tomorrow on a host of drug possession and conspiracy charges. Forkin will also be charged with one count of operating as a major trafficker, which carries a potential life sentence if he's found guilty.