MINEOLA - Anti-drug advocates are coming off a big victory after state lawmakers approved the I-Stop bill, which will enact a real-time, online prescription-tracking database.But even before Gov. Andrew Cuomo's signature is on the bill, advocates say their work isn't done. Some are calling for the database to be implemented nationally, so doctor-shoppers can't hop across state lines to get their fix.Five families impacted by painkillers were in Albany today, pledging to take their fight to Washington to see the bill enacted in all 50 states. Many doctors and medical societies have pushed back, arguing they shouldn't be responsible for policing their patients. Cuomo's office has not said when he will sign the I-Stop bill into law.I-Stop prescription database bill awaits Cuomo's signatureNY lawmakers unanimously pass I-Stop bill for drug databaseThe Medford Massacre: One Year Later