HUNTINGTON - A housing development that would bring more than 250 condominiums to Elwood is one step closer to being built, but has been met with harsh criticism from the community.

The board voted on a zone change that would allow the building of a controversial housing development for people aged 55 and over, called The Seasons at Elwood. The change switched zoning from a residential to retirement community district.

The Seasons, comprised of 256 condos, would be built on the 37-acre site of the Oak Tree Dairy property on Elwood Road in East Northport.

The raucous meeting, held at Huntington Town Hall, involved fighting among board members and the near removal of one resident. Residents were outraged by the fact that they were not allowed to speak on the matter prior to voting.

For the past two years, community groups in East Northport have protested the project, saying it would cause too much traffic in the area and would have a negative environmental impact. Others say the development is a positive for seniors, saying there is a void in housing for them on Long Island.

The project still needs to be approved by the Planning Board. The developer says he hopes to start construction by spring or summer of next year.