HUNTINGTON STATION - Huntington Station is looking to increase its security ahead of the summer season following a string of recent shootings.

As News 12 has reported, there were several shootings in Huntington Station in the past few weeks, and residents want stepped-up security. One of the shootings occurred April 24 on East Sixth Street. Police say shots were fired at two men standing in a driveway. No one was hurt, but police have called the shooting gang-related. 

The Town of Huntington now wants to hire armed park rangers that would patrol town parks in the community.

The rangers will most likely include retired police officers who will carry guns and patrol parks, including Depot Road and Manor Field, in the coming weeks.

Civic leaders who have invested years in working toward the revitalization of Huntington Station call the plan for armed park rangers and more police their only hope.

Huntington Town Spokesman A.J. Carter says the town is hoping to hire retired police officers as park rangers. Depot Road Park and Manor Field are among Huntington Station's parks that would be patrolled by rangers.

The plan to hire the park rangers still needs approval from the town board. There's no word on when a vote will be held.