HUNTINGTON - A Huntington Little League coach has been banned from coaching and accused of threatening a rival coach and his family. Robert Sanfilippo, 45, was arrested and is now banned as a youth Little League coach.News 12 Long Island spoke to John Reardon, who is the man Sanfilippo is accused of stalking.

Police say Reardon, the assistant coach of the Long Island Inferno and Sanfilippo, the manager of the Long Island Vengeance, got into an argument back in May after a game.

After the argument, Sanfilippo allegedly sent a slew of threatening text messages to Reardon. Some apparently included pictures of his wife, son and house.Originally Reardon didn't know who was sending the texts, some of which insulted his wife. He then called the police when they started targeting his 10-year-old son. Investigators traced the messages back to Robert Sanfilippo, who was allegedly sending them from an untraceable cell phone. Sanfilippo was arrested on Friday night, at a game in front of his 10 and 11-year-old players. Sanfilippo is charged with 20 counts of aggravated harassment and one count of stalking. He has been temporarily banned from coaching, pending the outcome of the criminal investigation.Sanfilippo's next court day is Oct. 9.