HUNTINGTON - Some store owners in Huntington say new flag restrictions are bad for business.Feather flags, used by local businesses to call attention to their stores, were free advertising up until a few weeks ago. Now, businesses have to pay the town to get a permit so that they can fly the flags.According to the new town law, businesses need to meet certain requirements to get a permit. Mark Cuthbertson, of the Huntington Town Council, says the law limits both the number of signs a business can have, as well as the duration they can stay up, which is three months.Civic Association President Antonio Geraci says he's happy to hear about the new restrictions. He's the civic leader who shed light on the issue, calling the flags "visual pollution."Local business owner Mark Perelle says flag advertising generated $30,000 for his store last year. Though he could get slapped with a $250 fine for not complying with the new rules, he says he's willing to take his chances.