HUNTINGTON BAY - Huntington Bay lawmakers considered a plan to compensate village officials during a budget meeting Monday night.

Mayor Herbert Morrow’s compensation plan includes paying himself $1,500 per month. Trustees would earn $250 per month and zoning board members would earn $150 per meeting they attend.

While many residents spoke out against the compensation plan last year, News 12 spoke to residents who believe the village officials have earned a paycheck.

Some people in the meeting Monday night said  it was a conflict of interest for the board to to vote on whether to give themselves a salary.

Currently, Northport is the only village in the Town of Huntington to pay village officials.

Morrow says there will be no tax increase this year. He also says the village can afford the compensation.

A vote on the issue was tabled by village officials. They will hold another public forum on Monday, April 28.