BRENTWOOD - Brentwood homeowners formed a human blockade to prevent garbage from being trucked through their community.

Residents and community groups formed a human chain to block Emjay Boulevard in protest of what they call excessive garbage deliveries.

The town of Islip says the state Department of Environmental Conservation approved an emergency plan to remove garbage from the East End and deliver it by truck to the commercial zone in Brentwood. 

Community members say they feel taken advantage of, especially in the wake of Islip’s dumping scandal.

“They are literally walking through us to dump more garbage,” says Ana Flores.

News 12 Long Island reached out to the DEC multiple times to find out the specifics of the plan and how long the garbage will be trucked through Brentwood, but never heard back. Meanwhile, the town of Islip says it has no jurisdiction or decision-making capacity over this matter.