SOUND BEACH - Town of Brookhaven officials have condemned the home of a Sound Beach woman whose residence is literally teetering on the brink of collapse. Edith Hotis, 78, lives inches from a bluff overlooking the Long Island Sound. The town's building inspector has recently posted notices on her window, claiming the house is no longer safe. A contractor informed Hotis that it would cost more than $200,000 to stabilize the property, prompting her to reach out to FEMA for assistance. However, they denied her claims, citing insufficient damage. Brookhaven officials say Hotis must vacate her home immediately. If she refuses, the town may request a court order. Hotis says she and her husband, who is now deceased, poured their life savings into the home and that she is not prepared to move. To watch extended coverage on Edith Hotis' home, click on iO Extra on Channel 612.