NORTH MASSAPEQUA - A restaurant hostess from North Massapequa is accused of stealing a customer's credit card information and using it to rack up a huge bill.

Police say 33-year-old Christina Heanue allegedly stole credit card information from a customer at Butera's Restaurant on Sunrise Highway in Seaford, where she worked.

They say Heanue and another suspect, Philip Ferrito, used the information to order more than $1,000 worth of takeout, including from Papalardo pizzeria in Seaford. The card information was allegedly used 26 times from June through September, and pizzeria workers contacted police when she showed up to pick up an order yesterday.

Investigators say Heanue also had oxycodone pills in her car when she was caught.

Heanue is facing several charges, including grand larceny, drug possession and identity theft.