QUIOQUE - It's supposed to be a place where the terminally ill can live out their final days in peace, but a planned hospice facility is causing quite an uproar in Quioque. A parcel of land was donated to East End Hospice, which cares for people who have less than six months to live. The group hopes to build an eight-bed, residential-style facility on the property that sits along a waterway known as Aspatuck Creek.Some residents say they're concerned about the traffic the facility would bring to their quiet area. Others are worried about possible negative affects the development could have on the creek.Currently, East End Hospice cares for its terminally ill patients in their own homes, which can sometimes be impractical or unsafe, according to Michael Pitcher, board chairman of East End Hospice. He says the building will pose no threat to the environment, and that the facility with quiet rooms overlooking the water will be a dream come true for the group.Resident Cherie Magee says she has the signatures from about 60 residents who are opposed to the project, but hospice officials hope to allay their concerns.A site plan for the facility will be submitted to the Southampton Town Planning Board within the next few weeks, and public hearings will take place before its approved.