STAMFORD - Several horses need homes after Stamford police say two people were charged in a disturbing case of animal cruelty.

Investigators say the horses were found in deplorable conditions at Rock Spring Farms on Old Long Ridge Road back in January. Police say they were tipped off by a local veterinarian group about possible animal neglect at the farm.

Authorities say the horses' stalls were covered in manure. They had very little food and their water had frozen over.

Some of the creatures had open wounds and were gasping for air. Two of the six horses there had to be put down, while the others were sent to an equine center for treatment.

Police say the owner of the farm, 57-year-old Eileen Lenihan, and the horses' handler, 37-year-old Jose Dejesus Rodriguez, were charged with animal cruelty.

Stamford police say there were a couple of complaints made about this particular barn over the past few years, but they were surprised to find such disturbing conditions.

One horse involved in the case has been adopted, but three more are still looking for homes.