DIX HILLS - A horse was rescued last night after getting loose and taking a plunge into an icy backyard pool in Dix Hills.

Horse owner Jane Meisse says she was driving when she spotted three of her animals running along the road and into a backyard, where one of them, a horse named "Mikey," fell into the pool.

Even though the pool had a cover, the horse sank chest-deep into icy waters. Volunteer firefighters Kris Tillis and Kevin Chadrjian jumped in and frantically tried to slip a hose underneath "Mikey" to pull him out.

The firefighters were later joined by a dive team that managed to get the horse out.

The horse's veterinarian says "Mikey" fared surprisingly well for being in icy water for nearly 45 minutes.

Both Tillis and Chadrjian were treated for hypothermia.