OAKDALE - An Oakdale family found themselves at odds with PSEG Long Island recently over a hornets’ nest.

Christine Sherer says she and her children have been terrorized by hornets this summer. Sherer called an exterminator to get rid of a soccer ball-sized nest on a utility pole at her Waterford Road property. She says the exterminator refused to touch it because it was on PSEG property.

The utility then said no to her request to remove the nest, according to the Oakdale woman.

“I just want it gone,” Sherer told News 12 Long Island.

A crew came out and sprayed the nest a few hours after News 12 Long Island called PSEG Long Island. The utility admitted it initially dropped the ball, calling it a miscommunication.

“Customer safety is first,” says Jeff Weir, of PSEG Long Island. “We always want to make sure our customers call us when there is a dangerous situation.”