NEW HYDE PARK - A 15-year-old Honduran boy thanked his doctors at Cohen Children's Medical Center Thursday for saving his life over the summer.

Adrian Ehrler suffered a traumatic brain injury this past July during a horseback riding accident in Honduras.

After coming out of a coma, his aunt – a paramedic in Queens – suggested that he come to New York for treatment. After arriving, doctors discovered that his trachea was apparently damaged during a surgery he received in his native country.

Doctors here performed a surgery that cut out a section of his trachea, which helped Ehrler's breathing and saved his voice.

"We felt fortunate that we were able to give Adrian back what should hopefully, and for all intents and purposes be, a normal quality of life," says Dr. Lee Smith.

Doctors say Ehrler is still recovering and isn't ready to travel back home to Honduras yet.

The teen says he can't wait to get back to see his friends and family. He also says that he has no doubt he will ride horses again.