WOODBURY - Earlier this month, County Executive Ed Mangano (R-Nassau) unveiled his plan to build a $400 million new Nassau Coliseum, but now taxpayers want to know how much the project would cost them.

Mangano wants to build a new sports arena and a minor league ballpark, saying that it will keep the Islanders on Long Island and create hundreds of jobs. In return, the county executive says the average homeowner will have to pay $48 a year.

According to Mangano, the cost of the project would eventually be offset because the county would share in the Coliseum's profits, from tickets to concession sales.

Kevin Law, the president of the Long Island Association, thinks the plan has merit, but says Mangano needs to provide more details about the costs and how the profits will be shared.

"Government doesn't have a good track record when it comes to big projects in terms of initial estimates and ultimate cost," he says.

The Legislature will decide next week whether it's going to put the project measure on a ballot and have Nassau residents vote on it.Unions: Our jobs will be affected if new Coliseum is not builtCritics: Exec. Mangano's Nassau Coliseum plan short on detailsMangano announces plan for Coliseum sports arena, Belmont casino