CALVERTON - A ceremony was held Wednesday at Calverton National Cemetery to honor homeless veterans buried on the grounds.

Since 2011, Dignity Memorial has buried 84 homeless veterans at Calverton. Today, the family of one of the deceased veterans came to pay their respects.

Donald Miller had not seen his brother, Thomas, in 30 years after the two drifted apart. They both had served in the Korean War.

Miller tells News 12 that he and his wife spent years searching the Internet for clues to his brother’s whereabouts. He then stumbled upon Dignity Memorial’s site, which listed Thomas as one of their homeless veterans buried at Calverton.

“Thomas Miller is no longer a homeless veteran buried here,” said Miller. “He has his family now.”

Miller says he got choked up when he saw his brother’s grave, but had a good feeling to know that he was at rest in such a beautiful surrounding.

The ceremony honoring homeless veterans at Calverton is held annually each Wednesday after Memorial Day.