QUEENS - The days of having to remove your shoes before going through airport security may soon be over as the Department of Homeland Security is considering lifting that safety requirement.

Passengers at LaGuardia Airport welcomed the news that they may be allowed to keep their shoes on while going through the scanner.

"I don't even know why shoes need to be checked in the first place," says Alan Saposnik, of Chicago.

The safety measure has been put in place after Richard Reid, known as the "shoe bomber," was convicted of trying to light an explosive in his shoe mid-air three months after Sept. 11.

However, according to Bill McGee, a professor at Hofstra University, shoes may not matter so much after all. He says the best defense against terrorists is human behavior screening.

While travelers are looking forward to a future when they will no longer have to walk barefoot at the airport, Homeland Security admits it doesn't have the technology yet to scan passengers wearing shoes.