WADING RIVER - A North Shore park that is known to neighbors as a hidden gem is getting some long-overdue attention thanks to a generous donation.

The Riverhead Town Police Officers Memorial Park is a peaceful spot in Wading River, but its jungle gym has fallen prey to rust, its ballfield is overgrown and its picnic tables are coated in mold and moss.

The head of the town's Parks and Recreation Department says the agency is aware of the issue, but the problem is finding the money to fix it.

"Unfortunately we don't have a lot in our capital funds and we have 42 parks in the town. So we are trying to put a little bit into each park," explains Parks Superintendent Ray Coyne.

Town Councilman Tim Hubbard says the problem led to a call for help through donations and volunteers. He says that so far, the local Home Depot is stepping up to the plate to help fix the park.

"They are going to put down all new mulch, they are going to paint the equipment that's rusted," Hubbard says. "They mapped out a plan of different things they are going to take care of, fix, repair, spruce up.  And it will make a nice place for our residents."

The work on the park is scheduled to start next month.