MASTIC - A Mastic man claims an unfortunate tattoo for an old flame cost him his job.

Kirk Soccorso worked as a tool demonstrator at Home Depot in Patchogue for about six months. He was considered a good worker until he showed off his lip tattoo to a co-worker. The tattoo reads “ISIS.” He claims the tattoo was originally for his now-ex-girlfriend.

"She had this idea … let's get each other’s names tattooed,” he says. “My name Kirk is four letters and hers is Isis."

"I honestly didn't know what the acronym meant until just recently,” he says.

Soccorso worked at Home Depot but was paid by a Florida marketing firm. He says both companies told him not to return to the store. 

"It's a personnel matter and the decision wasn't just based on the tattoo," says Home Depot spokesman Stephen Holmes. 

Soccorso, who says he’s not a terrorist, feels he's been treated unfairly and is considering a lawsuit.