KINGS PARK - An 11-year-old Kings Park girl succumbed to her injuries last night, days after being hit while crossing a street.

Holly Gallo was struck by a van while crossing Main Street on Saturday morning. 

A stunned Kings Park community held a candlelight vigil for the girl on Tuesday and raised funds for her medical care. Now they are demanding safety improvements at the site of the crash. 

A number of residents say they've sent letters to the state Department of Transportation complaining about pedestrian safety on Main Street. The DOT tells News 12 Long Island that it installed new pedestrian warnings signs that are more visible.

"We had this problem with the crosswalk here, and people were running over the signs in the middle of the road and people just don't stop," says Dave Hennings. "It's a shame that this had to happen to make it … I guess, to open people's eyes, you know."

"Drivers have to be more aware, this is a community – you have to slow down," adds Gene Trombtk.

William Lopez, the driver of the van, was not charged for the crash.