HOLBROOK - Many people have long been enjoying the popular game Angry Birds, but some Holbrook residents have recently come face-to-beak with some aggressive fowl in their own backyards.

Kerri Fabbio says she and her neighbors along Singingwood Drive feel like prisoners in their own homes after dealing with swooping birds missing their heads by inches nearly every time they walk outside.

A family of what looks like mockingbirds has taken residence in a nearby tree, and the feathered critters seem to be defending their eggs from everyone and everything walking nearby.

In an effort to protect themselves from bird attacks, residents are using umbrellas and brooms to shoo away the birds.

State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) officials say it's not unusual for birds to aggressively defend a nest with eggs, and they advise residents to try and stay clear.

The DEC adds that disturbing the nest would be a violation of the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which comes with a fine of up to $15,000 and even jail time.