HOLBROOK - A Holbrook man and the woman he appears to punch on video have both been charged in connection to a physical altercation at Sunday's Jets game.

Kurt Paschke, 38, is facing charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct after allegedly punching a woman in the face at MetLife Stadium. The fight was captured on video, which was used as evidence in the case.

The woman Paschke apparently punched, Jaclyn Nugent, 26, faces the same charges; as do two others, Amanda MacDowell, 25, and David James Sacco, 28, both of whom are from Massachusetts.

Paschke's mother, Colleen, who was at the game with her son, says the trouble started when a group of drunken Patriots fans started insulting Jets fans in their section. She says that after the Jets' overtime victory, the Patriots fans jumped two members of their group before confronting Paschke.

She says her son suffered a concussion and a laceration on his head during the incident. Likewise, Paschke's father Kurt, a retired Suffolk County officer, says the video does not tell the whole story.

Paschke was convicted in 1995 of criminally negligent homicide for stabbing Henri Ferrer, of Brentwood, in 1992 following a fight outside of a pizzeria. He was paroled in 1998.

In 2007, Paschke was arrested for criminal mischief and damaging property. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. In 2011, he was again arrested for selling alcohol to a minor. He pleaded guilty and was fined $335.

Paschke's father says his son is not staying at the family home and is at an undisclosed location for the time being.

The team announced that the four suspects have been banned from all events held at MetLife Stadium.