HEMPSTEAD - Students at Hofstra University will be holding a candlelight vigil tonight to honor 21-year-old student Andrea Rebello, who fatally shot overnight Thursday night.

Rebello, a junior, was shot and killed as police responded to an armed robbery at her off-campus home. It is unclear if she was shot by the suspect or accidentally by police.

The school’s student affairs office is offering grief counseling for anyone who needs it, and a gathering was held at the student center last night to discuss the tragic incident.

“You can definitely feel the emotions, it was a somber mood,” said Joe Moncada, Rebello’s resident assistant last year. “But the message being sent by her sorority sisters was a message of hope.”

Hofstra University President Stuart Rabinowitz acknowledged the incident with a moment of silence as he addressed a crowd during a special commencement Friday for top honors students.

“Our hearts thoughts and prayers go out to her family, friends and classmates,” said Rabinowitz.

Despite the sadness on campus, university officials say commencement ceremonies will go on as scheduled tomorrow.