WOODBURY - A man left unable to walk after a hit-and-run two months ago is now asking the driver to come forward.

Steven Acquaviva was walking to get into a vehicle parked on Commercial Avenue in East Garden City when a dark-colored pickup truck hit him.

The driver pulled over right away and stayed for about five minutes. Right before he took off, he went back to his truck and got a white blanket to cover Acquaviva.

"I thought he kind of cared that he hit someone, but everyone told me how serious I was, so I think he thought he kind of killed me," Acquaviva said.

Acquaviva and his wife Monika want the driver to know that it wasn't a fatal accident and that he should do the right thing by turning himself in.

Acquaviva suffered a broken wrist and a broken pelvis. He also needed 120 stitches above his eye. He still goes through hours of occupational and physical therapy. He is not yet walking.

Nassau police is asking that anyone with information call them at 1-800-244-TIPS.