LINDENHURST - Police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who struck a man in Lindenhurst.

Police say John Aluska, 61, of Lindenhurst, was hit and killed by a vehicle traveling eastbound on Montauk Highway at around 1:20 a.m. They say that the driver kept going.

Aluska, a retired MTA city bus maintenance worker, lived just half a mile away from where he was killed.

Neighbors say he was a quiet man who was in the process of moving down south.

They say that drivers routinely speed on that section of road and that something has to change.

"It is a horrendous curve," says Rene McCardle, of Lindenhurst. "It's unsafe, and we need a light. We need something done. How many people need to be killed?"

McCardle and others say they have sent letters to the state Department of Transportation to launch an investigation since there have been several other fatal or serious accidents on that part of Montauk Highway.

The state has put up crosswalk signs, but some think a stoplight would be better.

Anyone with information is asked to call Suffolk Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS