EAST HAMPTON - Parents on the East End were unhappy campers when they learned that the price tag for a popular summer camp has nearly doubled over last year.

Nicole Castillo, of East Hampton, says that when she received the YMCA summer camp brochure, she was "floored" at the increase. "They have told me now that they are working on more programming, but I don't have any literature of anything specific on what they might be doing for that increase," she says.

The East Hampton YMCA says the increase is necessary, but it adds that it's offering financial options to defray costs. "Our discount structure has changed, but we will still be able to offer financial aid through our camp scholarship program," says the YMCA's Glenn Vickers.

Vickers says a 20 percent discount is being offered to returning families, and that the group offers scholarships to those in need.

But Castillo says she believes she's paying more because of the camp's Hamptons address. "Because the YMCA is a charity, a nonprofit, it would be nice if they offered a discount to those who are their year-round supporters," she says.