HICKSVILLE - ? Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day but it is also a special day for a Hicksville woman who escaped Nazi Germany. Margarete Goldberger was aboard a mass humanitarian operation called ?Kindertransport,? and her memories of fleeing the Nazis were captured on faded family photographs. Goldberger recalls that 23 of her close relatives were killed in the Holocaust. Goldberger, 85, is from Hicksville and was just 12 years old when her homeland of Germany turned into her prison. On Kristallnacht, better known as the 'night of broken glass,? the Nazi?s shattered Jewish storefronts and torched synagogues. The Gestapo sent 30,000 men, including Goldberger's father, Arnold, into concentration camps.Jewish parents began a panicked process to save their children. An escape effort called the "Kindertransport" moved 10,000 Jewish children by train to safety in Britain.Goldberger's mother, Paula, placed her only daughter aboard the mission of mercy. Goldberger reunited with her mother in New York in 1946.