HICKSVILLE - A Hicksville woman says she volunteered to donate her kidney to help save her boss's life, but says her "thank you" came in the form of a pink slip. Deborah Stevens says she offered to donate her kidney because her boss at a West Islip car dealership was in need. In 2011, Stevens says she found out she wasn't an exact match for her boss, Jackie Brucia. Still, Stevens says she donated her own healthy kidney to someone else so that Brucia would be bumped up on the donor recipient list. Brucia eventually received a healthy kidney from a donor in San Francisco. After having surgery last August, Stevens says Brucia began pressuring her to return to work and later complained when she took time off for medical reasons. She says she was relocated and eventually fired. Stevens filed a lawsuit over the allegations last Friday.

No one answered the door at Brucia's home today and workers at the car dealership declined to comment.To see Deborah Stevens hold a press conference on losing her job, go to channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select the 'iO Extra' tab.