HICKSVILLE - A man whose son was murdered is questioning why the convicted killer was released from jail, only to be heading right back behind bars.

Matt Levine says he could barely breathe when he saw on News 12 Long Island Wednesday night that his son's killer had been arrested again.

Levine's 16-year-old son Bryan was shot and killed in 1993 in Hicksville. Robert D'Andrea, a neighborhood friend, was arrested six years later and was sentenced to seven years to life in prison. He served 10 years of the sentence and was released on parole in 2010.

"I've been crying, I just wish the justice system had its head screwed on right now," says Levine.

Prosecutors say D'Andrea violated his parole terms when he was arrested with heroin and a loaded, unlicensed handgun in his car in May. He pleaded guilty to those new charges Wednesday.

Levine says he wrote to the state parole board and begged them to not release him. "No matter how many times, how many letters I wrote, nobody heard," says Levine.

Although D'Andrea was 21 years old when he was arrested in 1999, he was prosecuted as a juvenile because he was 15 when he shot and killed Bryan Levine in Libby Park.

Levine says he would like to see the law changed, making murder sentences harsher for juveniles.

"When you murder somebody, I mean cold-blooded murder, there should be no age limit," says Levine.