NEW HYDE PARK - Teachers, nurses and administrators helped save a 12-year-old student's life last month after he suffered a heart attack during gym class.

Sanketh Kumar was running around the track on Sept. 14 at Herricks Middle School when he collapsed.

Teacher Joe Welsh was the first to offer help.

"We rolled him over and then realized it was worse than we thought," said Welsh.

By the time school nurse Dana Lieberman got to the scene, Kumar was not breathing. She then called for the automated external defibrillator, or AED, and shocked him once in the chest. Other teachers administered CPR.

Almost a month later, Kumar is back at school and doing well. He will turn 13 on Friday and asked his rescuers to attend his birthday party.

"I'm just grateful," Kumar told News 12 Long Island.

Principal Joan Keegan hopes the incident raises awareness about the importance of having AEDs readily available in other schools.