WOODBURY - Heroin is an epidemic on Long Island that News 12 has been covering for years.

There is more awareness of the problem than ever before, but officials say it is only getting worse.

News 12 Long Island's Christine Insinga spoke with Tatiana Green. Green says she was constantly in and out of detox rehab and jail between the ages of 17 and 21 because of the drug.

"You feel no pain. It's like you can do anything, like superwoman. I guess that's why they call it heroin right?  But that's the illusion of it," says Green.

County records show that the number of heroin deaths has more doubled in Nassau County and nearly tripled in Suffolk County since 2010.

Police in both counties have stepped up enforcement efforts, but say there needs to be more education to discourage young people from using deadly drugs in the first place.

Green is now four years clean and running her own drug counseling business.