MONTAUK - Hermine may not have had a large impact across Long Island, but it caused damage and erosion on the Montauk shoreline.

The storm exposed sandbags used in the $8.4 million beachfront restoration project. Town officials estimate that Hermine damaged roughly 300 feet of the 3,000-foot sea wall. They say it is a clear indicator that the project is inadequate.

"What's needed here is a major beach fill project to restore the beach and provide the protection necessary for downtown Montauk," says East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell.

Some residents say they are disappointed in the controversial beachfront project.

"This isn't even a hurricane and the geo-bags are already exposed," says Vivian Wilkenson, a Montauk resident.

East Hampton officials tell News 12 that they have confirmed with the state that the town is not responsible for repairs. The Army Corps of Engineers says it will assess the damage and look into any possible corrective measures.