UNIONDALE - The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter is being sued for euthanizing two pit bulls.

According to the Nassau County SPCA, a large number of police responded to a call that the dogs were chasing a group of children back in February. SPCA investigators claim the owner was then pressured by animal control officers to turn the dogs over to the town. The dogs were put down at the shelter the next day.

The lawsuit claims, among other things, that the dogs were illegally taken.

The Nassau SPCA and neighbors say the animals were friendly and that no one was attacked or bit by either dog.

Because the owners have filed suit against the shelter, director Cindy Iacopella can’t comment on why the dogs were euthanized. She does, however, say that police and animal control officers acted appropriately. Iacopella also says allegations that animal control officers put pressure on the family to turn over the animals is untrue.