HEMPSTEAD - A teacher testified in court Thursday about the attack she says she suffered at the hands of a parent at a Hempstead middle school.

Math teacher Catherine Engelhardt claims she was choked and knocked unconscious by a student's mother at Alverta B. Gray Schultz Middle School.

The veteran teacher testified on Thursday that Annika McKenzie, 35, hit her in the face, eye socket and also put her in a headlock. McKenzie is facing felony assault charges.

The alleged assault happened last April. McKenzie's attorney claims it was the teacher who is at fault for allegedly pushing the woman's 12-year-old daughter into a wall with a lacrosse stick during a confrontation with a group of students in the hallway.  

News 12 Long Island obtained the school surveillance video that was shown in court Thursday.  

Engelhardt said she never touched or pushed the student with her hands or with the stick.  She testified that she had no idea who the woman was or how she had gotten down to the classroom without a visitors pass or an escort.